Friday, July 25, 2014

Link Love

I bookmark so many pages a week with the idea that I will come back to them as inspiration for an article or use them on a Love List. Then, the next week, there are tons of new things and the previous links are forgotten until I clean up my bookmarks. Ok, you're bored already. Let me put this in Friday speak:

New Feature. Links that peaked my interest this week. Enjoy. 

1. How Much of a Grown-Up are you?

2. Funny article about the state of online dating. From what I hear from friends, this 2011 article still rings a bell.

3. Billionaires support a 3 day work week. You'd have to work long hours on those 3 days and well past the current retirement age but most people do that anyway. I'm kinda into it.

4. Really cool bar idea for a dinner party.

5. The latest in Deepak and Oprah's free (initially) 21 day meditation series is Expanding You Happiness. It starts August 11. You can sign up here.

Happy Friday!

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