Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Quotable

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My sister commented to a hateful post made by a Facebook acquaintance over the weekend and the person who wrote it went on a nonsensical rant. In the beginning, she felt the urge to respond but eventually, she realized nothing she said would matter. People are comfortable in their hate and they have to come to realize the error of their ways (or not) on their own terms. Often, there is nothing you can say to change that. You can speak up for your own beliefs or defend those who might be offended by a mean comment but that's about it.

Her experience reminded me that there is often strength in silence. When you quiet down, the aggressor in an argument, only has themselves to contend with. Where the agitator is your own inner voice, your silence can shut down the madness. You can create your own peace by choosing to shut down an argument and quieting your mind. If you have trouble getting silent, try meditation or breathing exercises. I usually try to meditate but if I can't focus because I'm mad or hurt and those thoughts are playing in my mind on repeat, I'll try a breathing exercise. Here are a couple of tools from Gabby Bernstein that I've tried.



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