Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Quotable

We all grow older. It is part of life but it doesn’t mean we grow up. It takes concerted effort to appreciate the lessons each year of life has to offer. It takes even more to pull them into the fabric of who we are. I feel like doing that over time helps us know who we are on a deeper level. That knowledge helps us identify who we truly are…or who we aspire to be.

The rest of life is a course in courage. Do we stay under the safety of the tree or do we climb up and go out on a limb in search of a life that honors who we are? The course on courage is one I’m constantly enrolled in.  In many areas of my life, I’ve climbed the trunk. The limbs are another story. In other areas, I'm way out on a limb and loving it. I know to be happy, I have to reach beyond the safe places in every area of my life. I'm working on it by reminding myself of how bland and unfulfilling "risk free" can be. 

When you’re a little stuck or afraid to go out on a limb/step out on faith, what do you do to shake off the fear and take a step out?

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