Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Quotable

So often, we associate Summer with vacation. It's the time when most of us can get away for an extended period without a raised eyebrow or expectation of constant checking in. This year, I am fortunate enough to have vacation time planned with friends and family and am determined to really get away and focus on the people who make my life great. I will confess that on my first true vacation of the year, I worked for several hours on the first 2 days while everyone else went sunning and swimming BUT I eventually managed some beach and pool time. Heck, I even worked in some glass art time (more on that next week). Now, I'm totally disconnected--except for posting to the blog. But hey, it's rainy, chilly and everyone is enjoying that lull in the day when the urge for napping creeps in.

When I was browsing for quotes, vacation was on my mind and this one hit home given the amount of work I sacrificed my first two days to. I needed a reminder that I am allowed to disconnect (and of course, Maya Angelou had the key). The world will not end or fall apart. It will move on and in the end, I'd rather sacrifice time spent towards my career than time spent with my people. I will still be posting quotes every Monday, but this one is governing my heart! 

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