Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weekly Weigh In


Hello everyone.  I’m writing from the other side of the Color Me Rad “5K.”  Let’s just say, there was no need to push ourselves for that one.  And good thing – since I was utterly unprepared.  I would call it the Color Me Rad “Stroll.”  I thought (and maybe some would disagree) that it was sort of a waste of time and money.  BUT, at least it did get me out of bed and moving after a long night.

 My focus has now changed. I’m starting up Couch to 5K again this week and starting on Weight Watchers again.  I have managed to count my points and I am keeping it honest.  The goal is to start meetings again and get to gym at least 3 times a week.  I have to be honest with myself – everyday is not going to happen, especially in the Summer.

I have realized the Summer is challenging. Between barbecues, outings, outdoor drinks, etc. life does get in the way.  That said, I am going to TRY my best to focus—at least during the week.

My recipe for today is for Chicken Shishkabobs. I plan to make them for an upcoming barbecue. The recipe is easy and the results are delish.  They are also a healthier option that will help me skip the fattening hot dogs. 

You will need metal or wooden skewers.  Metal ones are better because they are sturdy but you can buy wooden ones at the supermarket. You will need to soak them in water for at least an hour (but preferably overnight) so they don’t catch on fire.

Robyn’s Shishkabobs
4 lean, skinless chicken breasts
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper
1 clove of garlic, minced
¼ cup olive oil
2 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce
Mixed veggies of choice

Cut chicken breast into cubes. Whisk together olive oil, soy sauce, salt, pepper and garlic. Pour over chicken and let marinate for an hour or so. Put marinated chicken and mixed veggies on skewers.  I like to use onion, tomato, mushrooms and green pepper (but you can use anything).
Grill until chicken is cooked through (about 12-15 minutes on medium high heat or until juices run clear).

TIP: You may want to grill the chicken on a skewer without the veggies since it may need longer to cook. You should also reserve some of the marinade to brush on the chicken while it is cooking to prevent it from drying out while grilling.


I will agree with Robyn that you didn’t need to be in tip top shape (or even good shape)  to run/walk Color Me Rad. I’m also not sure it was quite a 5K based on the steps logged on my Fitbit. That said, the spirit of the thing was fun and like Robyn said, it was a good way to get moving early on a cloudy Sunday.  It also gave us access to be down on the field at MetLife Stadium. When else will that happen?  

I will note that Ash had fun and wants to do The Color Run in Brooklyn in October. He’s trying to rally his brothers and our nephew. With HoBOOken, that would give us two 5K's in a month.  I hope to be a better runner (read: a jogger with enough stamina to keep it going for 3 miles) by then.  

My biggest challenge since returning from vacation has been getting back on track. I’ve done a couple of workouts but every time I turn around, I’ve got an event to go to. I will also admit to willingly indulging in foods I should be avoiding. I had pizza on date night Friday, went to a birthday party/barbecue on Saturday where I had plenty of pasta salad, potato salad, cake and cocktails. Sunday? Smash Burger. Yesterday? Skipped the gym for a spontaneous date night with Ash and ate what? Another veggie burger with zucchini fries. And yes, I had a cocktail. It’s screaming out to me of my old patterns. Lose weight, feel great, take a break. The problem is in the break. SO, this week is about getting back on track.

Ash is starting another fitness challenge and I may do it with him.  He’s much more fit than I am but I figure if I’m going to jump back in, I should go full steam ahead. I really don’t want to lose all the progress I’ve made in the first half of the year. Stay tuned for this week’s “Work.Out.” post to see what we’re doing. (Find last week's post here.)

This week’s recipe is for what PopSugar has dubbed the “Hangover Cure Smoothie.” Even if you aren’t hungover, this smoothie works well to replenish electrolytes, soothe your stomach and detox after any indulgence.
Hangover Cure Smoothie
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 cup Greek yogurt
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 small banana
½ cup frozen spinach or kale
½ cup fresh or frozen blueberries
1 cup coconut water
Honey and cinnamon to taste
2-3 ice cubes

Mix ingredients together in a blender and serve.

p/s you can see some pics from our Color Me Rad experience on Ash's Instagram @ashermatthews35.

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