Thursday, July 24, 2014

Work. Out.

I was on vacation last week and decided to take a break from working out. I know, I know. How dare I?? Ash on the other hand worked out all week. He even joined the OBX Sports Club to keep himself on track. I aspired to that…from beneath the covers in bed while enjoying sleeping in. I did get some swimming in (minimal since I was mostly just floating) and as always, we climbed Jockey’s Ridge.

On the way home, I was coming up with exercises to work myself back into my normal routine. In that conversation, Ash came up with a fitness challenge for me. Let’s just say, I’ll be coming back in like a warrior. I’d planned for something a little less intense but decided to go with it. Go hard or go home, right?

I decided to share it and will share a workout each week since the 6 Week Grind is over. Let’s keep each other motivated. Beast Mode…or whatever other equally crazy gym mantra you prefer. Here’s the kickoff workout. 

Most of the exercises are likely familiar to you. If you don't know how to do one, you can find tons of demos on YouTube. I am including a link to demos of the Sled Push and the Bear Crawl (since I had to look them up myself).  

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