Friday, August 22, 2014

Love List

1. I love making my own salad dressings. I can control the flavor and I know exactly what is in the finished product. This article on how to dress any salad gave me some new ideas. (Bon Appetit).

2. We all know soda is bad for our bodies by now. Still, sometimes I really want one. This handy chart helps me remember to reach for an alternative. (Women's Health)

3. I'm not a camping kind of girl but this made me want to go. (Bustle)

4. Extreme eating isn't as hard as you might think. Check this out before visiting your favorite food spots or mom and pops with similar offerings. (Refinery 29)

5. Lokai bracelets contain elements from the lowest and highest places on earth. The white bead carries water from Mt. Everest and the black bead carries mud from the dead sea. It is to remind you that "throughout life's circular journey, your path is your own." LOVE THAT!! (Lokai)

6. Roland Mouret's new collection for Banana Republic is the perfect mix of practical and subtle sexy. Check it out here. (Harper's Bazaar)

7. Mo'ne Davis is a baseball phenom shaking up Little League Baseball with her 70 mph fastball. She's the perfect face of the "#LikeAGirl" campaign I wrote about a while back. I love this story. (Reuters)

8. We can do so many things from our smartphones these days. Let's add one more. Not only can you make a reservation, now, thanks to Open Table,  you can pay for your check right from your phone (select cities). (Open Table)

9. Even living in one of the world's shopping centers, I find myself salivating over boutique items from locations all over the world. Shoptique brings those boutiques to my fingertips and in just a few clicks, I'm excitedly waiting for a cute necklace from Paris, a sexy date night dress from Chicago and a great handbag from San Francisco. Dangerous but oh so fun! (Shoptique) 

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