Thursday, August 28, 2014

Love List

1. Gazpacho is one of my favorite Summer meals. I'm dreaming of working my way through this list of variations on the classic recipe. (New York Times)

2. This article provides an interesting take on giving away your written work for free. (Forbes)

3. I've battled with shyness my entire life. The older I get, the better it gets but there are still situations where I'm not quite comfortable and my voice rises an octave. This article gives some good tips for overcoming shyness. (CNN)

4. Hyperlapse is Instagram's new free app for making time lapse videos. I just downloaded it today and can't wait to play with it. Find out more here. Sorry Android users. It's not available on your platform and may not be any time soon.

5. My Habit is Amazon's new shopping platform. Boutique and designer brands at 60% off are now at the click of a mouse. but oh so fun and convenient. (MyHabit)

6. The Love Your Lines project is making stretch marks into art. The stigma that comes with stretch marks has always been an issue. That's why there are so many creams promising to make them vanish. I love this campaign for its message to embrace the beauty in yourself lines and all. (Buzzfeed)

7. If you want a cake without the calories, the Watermelon Cake is for you. I'm not talking about a cake dyed red with food coloring and covered with green icing to look like a watermelon. I'm talking about an actual watermelon "frosted" with greek yogurt or whipped cream. It's a lovely light dessert for any summer party. There are several videos and recipes on the web. Here are the two (1/2) I've used. (YouTube, Paleo Cupboard)

8. This slideshow of vacation destinations isn't just great for its beauty. It gives tips on how to take dream trips on a budget. Gotta love that! (Refinery 29)

9. Kitchen Konfidence's Watermelon Ginger Spritzer is a thing of least for my taste buds. The peppery bite of the ginger syrup used in the recipe cuts the sweetness of the watermelon while still letting it shine. I plan to use it in other cocktails in the near future but for now, this spritzer is just fine. Cheers! (Kitchen Konfidence)

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