Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Quotable

I think it is important to learn every day. I know it sounds cliché  but it is how I govern my life. I will note (at least for my life), very few of the lessons that matter are found in textbooks. One lesson I learned after being diagnosed with lupus was that in the grand scheme of things, life is painfully short. Every day is a gift, yet most days are spent on the mundane tasks that pay the bills. We don't all work in fields we are passionate about. It's a fact of life. That said, it is important to reach beyond what provides a paycheck and into the things that make life rich and memorable. If there were only one day left in your life, you'd act a certain way. You'd tell the people you love how you feel about may even have a few choice words for those you don't, but that's your business. You'd do things that brought you joy and you'd be fully present for them. You would not scroll through Instagram or Facebook. Heck, you might not even pick up your phone. You'd want to gobble up as much of the world as you could in your last unapologetic binge on happiness. Chances are, today is not your last day. But, why not live it that way anyway?  Happy Monday!

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