Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Who Do You Talk To?

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What’s the last conversation you had? I don’t mean via text or e-mail. I mean a real conversation that involves your vocal chords, hands or both? What about face to face?

Don’t get annoyed. Me getting all up in your business has a point.

Last night, I was talking to a friend on the phone when she asked me the same questions.  I, like her, realized I talk to the same few people fairly often. I don’t count Ash because we live in the same house. If we didn’t talk everyday, we’d need a little more than contemplative reflection.

Anyway, the point is we realized we’ve sacrificed personal connections for text messages and e-mail. More often than not, I communicate with my closest friends electronically. If someone picks up the phone, it is really important (and too much to text).  Sometimes, it’s worse than that and I find myself only keeping “in touch” by scrolling thorough friends’ latest social media posts.  Isn’t that terrible?
I made a goal earlier in the year to disconnect from my devices and participate in my life more.

Because of that, I started using my commuting time (one way) to catch up with some friends who I don’t text with too much. I also use the time to call my parents and my sister. That said, I am still relying heavily on electronics to maintain my friendships and when I am out and about, so is my phone.   

My recent trip to Nashville with Robyn (from the Weekly Weigh In) inspired me to start seeing people more…and leaving my phone in my bag for the time I’m with them.  Imagine that. I feel like there is no time like the present (while I’m judging myself and feeling bad about it) to start planning dates and gatherings with my “tribe.” Life is too short to exist as a thought bubble in your friends’ phones. 

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