Friday, October 17, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Magnus Tingsek

I always talk about good leading to good. For instance, gratitude leads to more things to be thankful for (whether tangible or not). Sometime, it could just be a change in focus. Other times, it's an actual additional something. Enough of this musing. Last week, the NCL Artist Spotlight was on Allen Stone. In learning more about Allen, I found Magnus Tingsek. 

Tingsek is a Swedish singer/songwriter/producer who has been releasing his own music since 2005 (yep, way late on this one too). Before that, he was in or collaborating with a slew of different bands. He’s spent the last couple of years producing music for other artists and touring with Allen Stone. His discography includes five albums and his latest effort is due out November 7.  Get into Tingsek with the playlist below. If you want to look up his other albums, here are the links:

Tingsek (2005)

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