Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Love List

1. If you (like Ash) take up the entire bed when you sleep, this article may provide a good response when your partner is pissed about it. Seriously, though, there is something to say for sleeping in power pose. (New York Magazine)

2. I've layered my hair many times over the years to make it look fuller. Sometimes, the cut is great and I feel all bouncy and full of movement--or at least my hair does. Other times, I've wanted to weep at the choppy mess I was left with. The Language of Layers (Part One and Two) will help you better communicate with your stylist what you mean when you ask for layers. (The Beauty Department)

3. I am not--or at least I wasn't--a coffee drinker. I'm a tea girl through and through. Then, I hit a crazy patch at work where no sleep was ever enough. One morning, before a very long commute, I decided I should have coffee to stay awake and alert on the road. From that moment on, I've had coffee almost every morning. You'd think I was too old to pick up another vice but it is what it is. In an effort to curb my spending and to stop getting a too-big-for-my-cupholder cup of iced coffee every day, I looked for an alternative and Starbucks Iced Coffee was there waiting for me to do my own customizing. I go for unsweetened but it also comes in unsweetened and caramel. I have mine with vanilla almond milk. (Starbucks)

4. I love this simple trick for covering your thermostat. (The Chic Site)

5. I saw The Equalizer over the weekend. Great movie and I highly recommend it. I saw Gone Girl too. Also good though I read the book and you know how that goes. (IMDb)

6. I love doing morning affirmations. This site has some really good ones. Mine are a bit less eloquent but maybe I'll use this to step up my game. (Free People)

7. This is a great hack for blog photo backgrounds. (A Pair and A Spare)

8. I liked this post on vintage beauty tips especially the ones on use of natural treatments. (Michelle Phan)

9. Distractify compiled a collection of photos that they say define the 21st Century. The photos bring back a flood of memories--both good and bad but I like the collection. (Distractify) 

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