Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Love List

1. If you're into perfume, you'd likely adore having a signature scent. That's a little more possible with Jo Malone's fragrance combining service.  (Jo Malone)

2. Hollaback is working to end "street harrassment" and had a woman walk around Manhattan for 10 hours while recording her experiences being hit on/cat-called/harassed by men. Check out the video here. You can see more about my thoughts on the topic on my Tumblr feed. (YouTube)

3. I give myself a manicure at least once a week. Love this spill proof nail polish holder that keeps polish stable while your working. (Whatever Works)

4. I saw this mini elliptical trainer publicized as exercise equipment for the lazy. I think it's genius when you sit at a desk for most of the day. Just slide it under the desk and get your workout in while you work. (Amazon)

5. Beyonce is collaborating with TopShop on an active wear line. Maybe that will help energize my workout routine. (TopShop)

6. St. Jude is close to my heart and I have been donating and participating in fundraisers to help them for a while. Last year, I did the walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and I plan to do the same this year. If you're in NYC, sign up/donate here. If outside of the City, look for walks in your area. They have them all over the country. (St. Jude/Elvis Duran)

7. Who doesn't need a good shoe hack? I'm all for anything that can make heels more comfortable. (Buzzfeed)

8. The MICA is the latest in wearable tech from Opening Ceremony and Intel. It will debut this Winter. Who said tech couldn't be fashionable? (New York Times)

9.I have been doing lots of designed and ombre manicures lately but for the past 2 weeks, I've been wearing a beautiful shade of purple for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. No other embellishments and I love it. I think purple may be my Fall go-to color. Maybelline Color Show has some pretty shades. What are your favorite fall colors? (Maybelline)

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