Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Quotable

This weekend, I learned a valuable lesson at an amusement park (of all places). Surprisingly, it had nothing to do with patience or calm despite the shovel and chainsaw wielding zombies at Six Flags Great Adventure's Fright Fest. Surprisingly, it was all about courage (and not the courage to get on roller coasters because I LOVE them.

There I was, reliving my childhood on my favorite roller coaster when a group of guys behind me started cursing, yelling and antagonizing other people on the ride. We went through with the ride and coasted to the end of the ride. While we were stopped, waiting for the car in front of us to take off, the guy next to me turned around to the obnoxious crew and told them to calm it down as there were young kids on board. They guys (of course) had plenty of F bombs in response but my coaster car neighbor stood up to them as if he were the parent and they were children in need of reprimanding. Ultimately, they apologized and calmed down. It was simple, but it struck me as courageous--perhaps because it is rare to see someone saying what everyone else is thinking while everyone else is content to avoid confrontation.

It made me think that confrontation--even if it's small--for the greater good, is not a bad thing. When I saw this quote, I knew I had to share it and the story. Most of us avoid confrontation at all costs and vent about annoying or worse things with our friends and family. Ultimately, that venting does nothing for the greater good. Sometimes, we have to be like my coaster neighbor and summon the courage to speak out. Just something to think about.

When have you summoned courage to speak out? Did you regret it or were you proud?

Happy Monday! 

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