Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Food Tuesday

Well, folks, they can’t all be winners. Where should I start?

I eat veggie sushi a lot. I watch the sushi chef (itamae) prepare my “cuke and avo” inside out roll each week with awe inspiring precision. Brown sticky rice spread evenly on 4x6 sheets of delicate nori. A sprinkle of sesame seeds. A quarter avocado split into three and placed in a perfect line down the center of the roll. Next, come perfect cucumber matchsticks (julienned). Then, the roll is formed and pressed in a sushi mat but we’re not finished yet. A sharp knife dipped in a bowl of hot water and lemon cuts through the sushi roll like butter until its eight perfect little cuts of yummy.

After months of watching, I was like, “Yeah. I can do that.” Oh, me of big faith.

So, I went shopping and got nori. I had everything else at home. I found a sushi rice recipe labeled the “Perfect Sushi Rice” recipe. By the way, did you know how many “perfect’ recipes there are on the web? 

Anyway, I got to work on the sushi rice. After the allotted cooking time, it was still crunchy so I doubled the cooking time and it was, actually kinda perfect.

I spread the rice onto the nori evenly. My hands were a mess but I managed to get it evenly spread. BOOM! Next, I sprinkled on some sesame seeds. Easy peasy. Then, I added the avocado and cucumber. I also added a few carrots. Look at me! All fancy and feeling myself.

Then, I tried to roll it up. WITHOUT A SUSHI MAT. I know, I know. I thought I would be fine with my hands and a little parchment paper. As I rolled the then soggy nori into what became a fairly decent roll, I thought everything might turn out ok. Then I tried to slice it and my heart dropped. 

It was nowhere as easy as I expected. The knife smashed the roll and I had to reshape the sections a bit. In the end, I was able to salvage a few decent pieces but overall, it was U-G-L-Y!!

Ash and I both ate it and it was, despite its looks, edible and kinda tasty…with a little pickled ginger. I’d try again. Actually, Ash has put a challenge on the table and my competitive side can’t say no. 

This time, I’m going to buy a sushi mat first.


The sushi rice recipe I used was Alton Brown’s version. You can find it here.

For beginners like me, I’d suggest using smaller sheets of nori and not spending so much time spreading the rice that the nori gets slimy and soggy (read: hard to cut and harder to chew).

Get a sushi mat. Yes, you really need one. 

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