Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Quotable

I heard today's quote while watching TV last week and loved it so much I wrote it down and repeated it to a couple of friends. It's only right that it gets featured on NCL too.

I think we go through things in life (at least I certainly have) that try our patience, test our emotions and leave us feeling beat up. Those feelings can come from people, jobs, hurtful self-talk, etc. At some point, if we're lucky, those things and people causing strain fall away.

Yet, the nature of people is to avoid failure. So, we pick up the pieces and try to hold on to them-- crumbling and flaky as they may be. We hold on to people with both hands though they're only extending a finger. We hold on to stories of past failures and tell ourselves we can't get better because of them.

It's unhealthy and more importantly, it blocks growth, blessings, and joy that may otherwise enter our lives.

That's why today's quote is so important. The leaves that fall off and away from the trees of our lives are meant to stay on the ground. They are the dead stuff of our past and the only way to heal and grow is to let them blow away. 

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Rob said...

love it.