Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Food Tuesday: Red Lentil Cakes with Coconut Brown Rice

While browsing the grocery aisles last week, I found Veggie Patch's Moroccan Red Lentil Cakes. I thought they'd make for an easy dinner (and they were on sale) so I grabbed them. Based on their spice profile, I decided to pair them with a ginger coconut rice I saw on Saveur. To finish the dish, I tossed in some shredded carrots and pomegranate arils  for color and texture. The meal was delicious. You can find the rice recipe below. Enjoy! 

Coconut Brown Rice

1  1" piece peeled fresh ginger
1 cup brown rice
3⁄4 cup unsweetened coconut milk
1⁄2 tsp. kosher salt
1 teaspoon cilantro

1. Using the back of a large knife, pound the ginger until it becomes bruised and somewhat stringy and releases some of is juice. This will take a few good whacks.
2. Rinse the rice in a strainer under cold running water for 30 seconds. Transfer the rice to a 1 1⁄2-quart saucepan and add the coconut milk, 3⁄4 cup cold water, and the salt.
3. Add the ginger to the pan and stir well to combine with the rice, making sure that the ginger is as fully submerged in the rice as possible. Place the pan over high heat and bring the liquid to a boil while stirring with a large spoon to prevent the rice at the bottom of the pan from scorching or burning. (Don't worry if the liquid thickens considerably as it comes to a boil; that's a result of the combining of the fats in the coconut milk with the starch in the rice.)

4. Allow the rice to boil for 15 seconds, while continuing to stir. Reduce the heat to medium-low and simmer, covered, until the liquid is completely absorbed and rice is tender, about 45 minutes. Remove the pot from heat; allow the rice to continue to steam, covered, for 10 minutes. Fluff rice with a fork and garnish with sprigs of cilantro.

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