Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Love List

1. Ever have that "where are my keys/phone/wallet??" panic moment while walking out the door? I have someone in my life  (and by someone, I mean my husband) who chronically suffers from lost-key-itis. The Tile is the answer and will absolutely be in his stocking on Christmas morning. (Tile App)

2. I got a bonsai tree as a gift when I started my career but my hours were so crazy back then, I neglected it and it ended up in the garbage. If I ever try again, I'm going for the Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest Kit. It's so pretty and would be the perfect complement for my office. (National Geographic)

3. The Mighty Purse combines fashion and function by providing you with a cute, date night clutch and a phone charger in one. Great gift idea. (Might Purse)

4. I love Compleat's Silicone Lunch Bag. You can pack it or use it as a replacement for Tupperware and eat right out of the container. (Compleat or Grommet)

5. These leather wrap bangles are are a chic and simple complement to any outfit. They can be a pop of color or you can stick with black and wear them with anything. (Grommet)

6. If you live in a winter wonderland (or an icy hell depending on your perspective), you can benefit from a little extra traction. Nordic Grip's mini grippers are your solution. They come in black, pink and blue and slip right over your shoes. (Grommet)

7. Cartoonist, Josh Hara (@yoyoha on Instagram) is getting a lot of attention for his #100CoffeeCups project. I look forward to each new post. (Mashable)

8. I know we're not at the new year yet but it's time to start thinking about what you want for 2015. I know I am looking for a fresh start. This article suggests 10 Things to Let Go Of Before the End of the Year. (Mind Body Green)

9. Bond harnesses robot power to hand write notes for you. I love the concept and totally think its nice to send handwritten notes over texts and e-mails. If you don't have time, Bond is for you. (Hello Bond)

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