Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Quotable

"What do you want for Christmas?"

I've asked this question so many times over the last couple of weeks. This is the first year I haven't planned well. Usually, I have a list for each friend or family member I exchange gifts with. I don't have to ask what people want because I have ideas based on conversations throughout the year. I'll admit I've had some gift card years but usually, I put thought into my choices.

Because I'm down to the wire, I've found myself obsessed with things. As I shop, I see all kinds of stuff I want too. Stuff I DO NOT NEED. I am in the middle of a purge project for goodness sake. I took a screen shot of today's quote months ago and today, it finally seemed appropriate. I'm going to reconnect my mind to the things that matter most and not worry so much about finding the perfect gift and a timely delivery date.

It's really about the love and the intention behind that fancy new coffee maker and not being perceived as perfectly planned Polly.

Happy Monday! 

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