Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Quotable

Ash and I set a joint goal to finally eliminate ALL of the clutter from our lives in 2015. I really believe that your house is a reflection of your life and since I'm trying to open my life up to peace and blessings, I figure my house needs to follow suit. This weekend, we attacked out closets and dressers. We tossed everything we don't currently wear save for the items that have sentimental value (i.e., my wedding dress).  We have 4 huge garbage bags full of clothing items for donation. We have another bag of shoes and a bag of bedding.

When we finished going through clothes, we attacked our office. Another two huge bags of junk. Notes I made while brainstorming locations, old pay stubs, empty prescription bottles that I was supposed to mark the address information off of months ago, tons of unlabeled CDs with who knows what on them, Pantone paint chips left over from a craft project, pens, highlighters and markers that don't work. You get it. JUNK. We tossed it all.

The project is time consuming and tiring but the pay off will be great. We are vowing to release our inner pack-rats and close out that chapter of our lives. It has been something we've been trying to do for years in stop-starts but we've always let the clutter creep back in. We'd clean and reorganize the pantry after a fit of "I can't believe we already had [enter almost any food item here]!!" We'd stare in awe at the clean pantry and find things with ease. Then laziness creeps in and things get pushed to the back or they're put in the wrong section and suddenly, we're buying penne and there are 3 boxes already in the pantry. We're also mail hoarders. I have huge stacks of mail in the shredding pile. I don't know the last time I sat down at our crappy shredder to slowly feed 1 envelope at a time into the machine and watch it slowly (oh so slowly) come out shredded on the other side. I also have stacks of catalogues. I dumped them all last night and it felt great!  

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