Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Quotable

What a whirlwind the last two weeks have been…and now, I am sick. Between work coming at me with a vengeance , the weather taking another icy turn for the worse and social gatherings, I am worn out BUT we are on this fabulous life change train for better or worse and I’m planning to enjoy the ride.  

So, let’s get into this post. Today’s quotable is short and simple  and it also explains why I’ve been M.I.A. for two weeks. You wanna know what else this multitasking quotable does? It reminds me that if this blog is going to be a priority, I’ve got to beef up my reserve of content so posts keep coming even when I’m falling apart. It’s tough though. I kinda like to write about my life as it happens…but I’m working on doing both. I’m also working on a ton of other stuff aimed at living my version of a good life. See last month’s resolution post here.
So, I gotta say, the first month of the year went pretty great goals wise. Let’s take them one by one.

1.Eat clean, whole foods; complete one three-day juice cleanse—I completed a cleanse and got back to eating foods that aren’t battered, smothered and covered (except for one bout with vegetarian chicken and waffles, but I’ll get there). I ate well 95% of the time and cut alcohol consumption way (WAY) down. By month end, I’d broken through a weight plateau and was down a pants size. Woo-hoo!! Weekend cheats keep me balanced and results keep me focused.

2.Sign up for an improv class—Check. I’ll be taking Intro to Improv at Improvolution this month. Do I want to be a comedienne? Nope. I just want to come further out of my shell. I’m actually really excited about this one.

3. Finish purging items we don't need—We purged alright. I think the sanitation department may want to put a hit out on us at this point. We got rid of so much and we still probably have way too much for a simple life. But we’re scaled down and committed to continuing to weed out things. Loving new plates? Fine . Buy them and donate the old ones. No one needs 5 sets of plates and a set of China. I mean, really???

4. Try two new restaurants—This month we tried Sweet Chick and Clyde Frasier’s Wine and Dine. We’re downtown kids so CFWD wouldn’t have been a first choice for us. We met friends there for a double date and it was actually pretty good, once you get past the furry walls. Sweet Chick was our choice because I wanted to try their veggie friendly chicken and waffles. Loved it. Will definitely go back.

5. Get back in the gym on a regular schedule (at least 4x/week)—I didn’t do well on this one at all. I managed to lose weight with changed eating habits, lots of stair climbing and a few at home workouts. The gym is calling me. I hope to listen in February.

6. Complete expansion of blog phase one (vlogging)—Vlog? We don’t need no stinking blog! Kidding. I haven’t changed my mind. I just didn’t have time. I couldn’t even get the written posts done. This goal is being pushed to late February/early March.

7. Create debt elimination and savings plan for 2015—I succeeded with this goal. In two years time (gosh, that sounds far away). I’m happy to have a realistic plan that’s helping us move towards our bigger dream.  

8. Attend one networking event—This one is a foul ball. I searched for events and found a meetup I was interested in. I rushed like crazy to make it there after a super hectic day at work…and no one else showed. BOOO! Looking for new ops this month. Got any suggestions?

For February, the goals are below. What are your goals this month?

1. Create a YouTube channel and create at least 1 video.
2. Stick to debt elimination and savings plan.
3. Attend a networking event.
4. Try two new restaurants.

5. Operation decoration.
7. Continue eating clean 90% of the time.
8. Try a new recipe with an ingredient I’ve never tried.
9. Meditate/pray for at least ten minutes a day every day for the rest of the month.
10. Create two weeks worth of reserve blog material (suggestions more than welcome!!).

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