Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Quotable

If you celebrate, I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day. I often find the holiday (and I'm stretching to call the Hallmark marketing ploy a holiday, but I digress) too ripe with expectation. There is too much tied to cards, flowers and chocolates and not enough tied to the point--LOVE.

Ash and I had our first date on February 12 so we usually do something to celebrate that day instead of Valentine's Day. I'll admit there's usually a pancake breakfast in bed and a fancy at-home dinner in front of a movie on the actual day (Ash handles breakfast and I handle dinner) but neither of us is wedded to it. For instance, this year, I was sick. I wanted nothing more than to bundle up with some junk food and watch TV and though there were some "I can rally" detours in between, that is how we ended the night. It may not sound like a romantic night for some but for us, it was awesome--though I am sure Ash could have done without my sniffels and coughing.

That's just the point of today's quote. People put a lot of stock in romantic love at this time of year. In reality, your world shouldn't stop just because you're single nor should it stop because of a Valentine's Day flop. It's just a day, people...a Hallmark holiday at that. The world keeps turning without roses, cards and overpriced chocolate. Hell, it keeps turning no matter what. It's up to you to find love that helps you enjoy life's ride--and it should start with love for yourself. You should choose to honor that love before everything else. You are love personified whether you see it or not. It's time to embrace that.

Once, you're there, make a plan to celebrate love every day. And when Valentine's Day rolls around, honor the place you're in. Whether it's a pampering day for yourself, a party with your single friends (which by the way, is what I did the year I met Ash--he even helped me shop for the food on the night of our first date) or a fancy, expensive night out on the town with your S.O., something is out there to make life's ride a hell of a lot more fun. Get on board!! And if all else fails, and you think Valentine's Day is actually worth a pity party, go buy the best damn chocolate you can afford, pour a (heart healthy) glass of wine and enjoy some time with yourself!  

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