Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Take a Moment...

My blog is supposed to be about a life well-lived and all of the tings that create that…for me anyway. Yet, I’ve totally put myself on a self-care hold. I am last on my list when it comes to taking care of people and things. A couple of years ago, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to stop putting myself last. I did for a time but I am falling back off the self-care wagon. I read an article on Huffington Post last year that talked about the signs you’re pushing yourself too hard. They are:

Five Signs You Are Pushing Yourself Too Hard

You feel crabby. You get cranky on the outside because you feel so much pressure on the inside. Crabbiness is a sign that your soul is starving for play and pleasure.

You forget all you have accomplished and only see what you haven't yet done. You get more done in a day than most people, yet you rarely feel a real sense of accomplishment (for more than a few minutes anyway). You are always on to the next chore, to do, achievement, so there's not time for rest or celebration.

You put your self-care on hold. You want to go to that afternoon yoga class, eat healthier, get to bed earlier, but it never happens. You keep telling yourself that you will eat better, go to the gym, get more sleep when you are not so busy (but you are always busy!).

You cancel plans because you are too "busy." Busy with work, with kids or with whatever project has currently got you embroiled, you cancel plans to do things for fun, you show up late, or you often have to say "No, I can't I'm too busy."

You sleep with your electronics... when you sleep. You have a hard time "turning it off" -- your mind, your phone, your email. You go to bed looking at your email or Facebook, and you wake up checking your online connection before you connect with yourself (admit it, you are checking your email before you pee!).

I fall into all five categories. I am managing to meditate daily (it’s one of this month’s goals) but friends, let me tell ya—IT IS NOT HELPING. I think my mind is too busy.  I decided to look into ways to jump off the hamster wheel for a bit. Then, I decided to make it a post because taking care of yourself is pretty much critical to a life well lived.

Take a walk. Stop whatever you’re doing and take a walk away from your work. It could be a walk to the bathroom but if you can manage more than that, all the better. Give yourself a mental pep talk along the way.  YOU’RE AWESOME! YOU’VE GOT THIS (whatever your “this” may be, you’ll get through it without nailing your own ass to the wall)!

Call a friend. I know it sounds like a save from a TV game show but it’s really a stress reliever. Sometimes just getting lost in a good conversation can make you feel a million times better. Plus, if you’re pushing yourself too hard, you probably owe your friends some time. If you can, make it a talk over coffee/cocktails or dinner.

Reconnect with your significant other. Chances are you’ve pushed them to the side to handle all the stuff that’s keeping you busy/stressing you out. Take out time for love and romance.
Breathe! My heart was beating a million miles a minute the other day. I was under a deadline and it felt like it might beat out of my chest. I’m talking 120 bpm while sitting and typing. I was able to right myself with some deep breaths and a moment away from the e-mail yelling back at me. It really helped.

Go get a massage…or ask your significant other for one. Just releasing the tension in your stress zones can do a world of good.

Dance it out. Fans of Grey’s Anatomy know the power of the dance (unless you’ve got a cool steam valve waiting in your basement (Christina and Owen style). Ok, now that I’ve completely alienated all the non-Grey’s fans, let me get back on track. Some stress calls for cranking up your favorite songs and dancing around like no one is watching.

Exercise. This is a tough one for me because stress makes me want to lay down, not run a 5K. That said, I do feel better after a good sweat session at the gym—even if it’s just because I’m proud of myself for going.

Journal. Write down all the things troubling you then tear them up/burn them. Release them. Then, take a moment to write down everything you’re grateful for/blessed with. You may even want to write down situations that you got through despite not thinking you could. Sometimes, that’s a great reminder of just how much of a rockstar you are.

Pray/Meditate. When you can’t lean on yourself, lean on a higher power.

What do you do to decompress? All tips welcome. 

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