Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Love List

1. When I finished Serial, I immediately started looking for a podcast to fill the void. I happened upon Invisibilia, which is totally different but somehow just as enjoyable for me. The show is hosted by Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel from NPR and launched in January. The hosts explore "the intangible forces that shape human behavior" by presenting different people's stories each week focused on everything from emotional entanglement (through a woman who can feel what others are experiencing to a debilitating degree) to computers and their impact on us as a species (through a man/cyborg and his journey through school). Sadly, season one (at least I hope it's one of many) is only 6 episodes. Check it out here. (NPR/Invisibilia)

2. I've probably highlighted a similar jewelry line before but I love custom pieces. This line of coordinate accessories is gorgeous. I especially love the double ring. Shop the line here. (Ruelala)

3. Buzzfeed compiled another list of life hacks we all need to know. Check them out here. (Buzzfeed)

4. You've likely heard of the "mother sauces." If not, they are basic sauces that can serve as the base for tons of other sauces. You can find the recipes/instructions for making the 5 mother sauces here. (Food 52)

5. Tired of the snow and salt messing up your floors every season? Forget the mud tray. There's another option that will get your shoes off the floor and add some visual interest in your entryway/mud room. These wall mounted shoe holders are a great solution if you have a narrow entryway (an issue I'm currently dealing with). (Cool Materials)

6. Confession: I drink tea all day so I can keep my hands warm in my frigid office. Well, clearly I'm not the only one. Check out the Toasty Mug! I need this ASAP. (Sabrinia Fossi)

7. As the season transitions, I'm starting to trade my boots for heels but it's still chilly. To keep my legs and feet toasty, I'm opting for these creative "no show" socks. (Key Socks)

8. As a curly girl, the start of this video broke my heart. I've certainly been there. I think the beauty/fashion industry pumps out constant messages telling us we need to change to be beautiful and it creates a "grass is always greener" mentality. It's why the industry is so lucrative. I'm all for anything that does away with low self esteem caused by made up beauty standards and pushes towards self-acceptance and love. Though it is also part of the beauty machine, Dove does a lot to uplifts as it informs. I hope this campaign along with the company's previous ones leads to positive change. (Dove)

9. I'm officially addicted to West End Salvage. How can I hate a show about upcycling? I caught a marathon while sick in bed and have been looking for DIY projects ever since. I've been going for old or older looking pieces (check thrift shops and estate sales) and distressing or repurposing them to breathe new life into our home on a budget. I'm going for shabby chic pieces like these at Dot & Bo without spending a ton. I may sound nerdy, but I'm having a blast! (HGTV)

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