Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Love List

1. When I was younger (and a whole lot more dramatic (think teen years)), I used to write pages a day. Now, I use an app to keep track of things I'm grateful for...on most days. More often, I just say a quiet "Thank you, God." I do like the idea of journaling one line a day though. There is something nice about digesting everything down to one line. It forces reflection on the day. (Barnes & Noble)

2. This video is beautiful. It's a nice reminder about how important it is for everyone to feel heard and acknowledged. (Bored Panda)

3. Bitmoji is the latest in the avatar app world and I'm a bit obsessed. It's a fun departure from the regular and while it is a time waster, I am totally here for it. (Bitmoji)

4. I am still working on getting through a 5K with a time I can be proud of. This inspirational fitness story was a great kick in the butt to start working on running again. (Runners World)

5. Winter is officially over and though I am currently in boots (it's 38 degrees today), I am getting my feet ready for warmer days. Can't wait for sandal season and this BeBe foot mask by Etude House does the trick. (Etude House/Amazon)

6. I consider incorrect word use a little pet peeve...particularly with respect to the confusion between "there," "their" and "they're." This article provides 39 Incorrectly Used Words That Can Make You Look Bad. (Inc.)

7. I've been trying new ingredients this month and kumquats are among them. With new ingredients come new recipes. I've discovered that I like my kumquats candied and over a citrusy pound cake. This recipe from Martha Stewart is delicious. (Martha Stewart)

8. I often say I wish adults had nap time (pre-school style). For times when you can afford the luxury, here a guide to everything nap related. (io9)

9. I was a manicure fiend for many years. Every few weeks, I'd go have more acrylic shaped onto my nails and then painted in a lovely, demure shade of pink by Essie called Ballet Slipper. Then, with very damaged nails (and hands swollen from lupus), I stopped and started doing my own nails. I actually love doing it now but imagine my excitement when Sally Hansen released Miracle Gel. Professional, non-nail destroying manicure that lasts for at least 2 weeks? Sign me up. (Ulta/Sally Hansen) 

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