Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Quotable

This quote made me smile when I read it. It really sums up the humor of life's journey. We've all been there. You are in a content place, thinking you've learned every relationship, career, family, health, etc. lesson life has to offer. You're so confident in your arsenal of lessons, you feel you can teach them and then, something happens or someone says something and you have that "I never looked at it that way" moment and you're learning something new. Sometimes, you can move forward with that lesson and sometimes you're not ready. Sometimes, the lesson shakes you to the core and sometimes, it's a "DUH!" moment. No matter what, the point is to be open to learning. Life is stagnant when your mind is closed.

As you pick through the lessons that fall in your lap (or smack you upside your head), it's also important to develop confidence in your inner voice. There are things you grew up "knowing" because it is what you were taught by your family, surroundings or experiences. The lessons spin their way into the fabric of your life story and the threads are hard to break. As you get older, you may start to question things and the voices of the people in your life try to box you in/keep the threads in tact. Sometimes, it is for your own good and often, it comes from a beautiful "I just want to keep you safe" place. That said, you have to let your inner voice be your guide. You have to be happy with your choices at the end of your journey. Don't let people make them for you! The choices you make will directly impact the lessons you learn and can pass on. Be blessed. Happy Monday!

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