Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Quotable

Once again, my health (and lack of a content reserve) has taken me down and NCL right along with it. The funny thing is I was on track to have enough reserved content. The posts from the week of March 9th were all written a week in advance, leaving me time to work on last week's posts. Then illness complicated it all and the only thing I felt like doing was laying in bed and staring at the TV screen. I say staring instead of watching because I can't promise I comprehended anything that passed across the screen. But, enough with the excuses. On with life. Happy Monday.

Today's quote jumped out at me because I am all too guilty of jumping to conclusions. I have a story for every moment and while my gut is quite trustworthy, I have found myself on the wrong side of a conclusions a few times in the last couple of months. It was a good reminder that people vary from patterns and what may appear on the outside isn't always indicative of what is going on. It was also a kick in the pants to get my writing goals in gear.

You know the moment when your brain says (scolds/yells/nags):

If you spent half as much time (enter talent here) as you do (enter vice here), you would have finished (passion project) by now!!

Well, this quote triggered that for me. If I spent less time worried about what others are doing and jumping to conclusions about the things around me, I'd have time to focus on the opportunities on my own plate. So here I am again, getting re-focused and moving forward on another Monday. The cycle is tiring but I'm doing to the work to dig under and address my vices. Little by little, I'm getting to a better, more focused place. I also know that end of the monthly check-in is quickly approaching and I'm holding myself accountable. It's going to be a busy catch up week but I'm all in.

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