Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Quotable

Today's quote makes you ask what really matters right off the bat. Then, it makes you wonder how to define what matters. I mean on the one hand, I've succeeded in one career (by some standards) but if it's not my passion, does it really matter? I've won arguments and proved my point to loved ones but does that short lived victorious feeling really matter?

What I've decided is that the things that matter are the things that you want to be known for at the end of your life. You can still succeed at things that don't fall into that category but you need to give your extra energy into blowing the things that do out of the water. If you want your significant other or your children to remember how much you loved them, be present and love them with all your might. Don't sacrifice time with them to build things that you won't care about in the end. To be clear, I'm not saying do a crappy job at work or bow down on every argument. What I am saying is when you have the choice to sacrifice the things that really mean the world to you for the things that result in fleeting feelings and accolades, choose wisely. Be scared to choose the things that truly don't matter. It will change your life.  

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