Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Quotable

This weekend, we went out to for a low key (I don't feel like cooking) dinner. When we go out, we sit at the bar. The ONLY exception is if we're going for optimal romance and want to sit at a little table for two. That night, the bar was mobbed as were the high top tables around the bar. We got into that "table stalker" mode where you're browsing in what you think is a covert fashion to scope out who is almost finished eating/signing their check. Ash knew one of the guys working and he gave us a heads up on a couple who was wrapping up. We walked in that direction and another group walked up at the same time. Intent on getting the table, they surrounded the table and sized us up as if they were ready for a fight. It sounds insane but I'm not kidding. One of the guys actually widened his stance, put his hands on his hips and started Ash up and down. I found it comical because (i) Ash is 6' 6" and solid muscle and (ii) we are not going to fight for a table. The sizing up? Dude, get a grip. It's not that serious. Coincidentally, there was a table right next to the surrounded table where a woman was eating alone. Ash and I spotted her and went over to the bar while we waited for her to finish her meal. As we glanced over, she waved us over and said she saw the whole thing with the pissing match crew. She noted they'd been breathing over her shoulder while she ate and said it has been that way for most of her meal. She offered us a seat at her table and said we could have it when she was done. We looked at each other, shrugged and sat down.

Let me pause to remind you that I am not the greatest at small talk with strangers. The "check in" look was absolutely Ash asking (without words) "Is this okay with you?" It turned out to be a wise choice. The woman is new to the area but we had a lot in common. I ended up leaving the conversation with two new contacts (one of her good friends is in a field I've always wanted to get into) and a renewed sense of faith in the value of random connections. The point is I squashed the fear and just started chatting. There were no awkward silences. After the conversation was over, it struck me that I've worked towards overcoming shyness for a while with the faith that I could eventually overcome it. It's all in my head after all.  I moved past it for this small moment in time and look what happened.

Today's quote works for anything, big or small. The point is you can spend your time letting fear rule your actions (and inhibit your growth/life experience) or you can step out on faith that everything is going to be just fine. Happiness only exists in one of those. Here's to leaving fear behind more and more each day. Happy Monday! 

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