Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Food Tuesday: Product Spotlight

After a huge Easter brunch that ended in a slice of red velvet cake, all I could think about was simplicity and superfood. That said, I didn't want to cook anything. In fact, after all I made for Easter, I don't want to be in my kitchen for the next couple of days. Sounds like the perfect time for a product spotlight. While grocery shopping for Easter, I knew I'd need some easy (and healthy) go to food for the week after. While browsing, I found Cedar Lane's Superfood Grain Salad. It is not vegan (it contains a small amount of Asiago and Parmesan cheese) but it is vegetarian, gluten free, low in cholesterol and fiber packed. If you're looking for a lunch or light dinner option, this is a great one.

I'm sure you're all "Sounds good. What's in it? Bark and grass?" No rabbit food in this bowl. It contains brown rice, kale, red bell peppers, quinoa (red and regular), sweet potatoes, green onions and carrots. I will say the carrots and sweet potatoes could benefit from a finer dice and a slightly longer cook but overall, I'm sold and would buy this again (although you know I'm going to remake it at some point and customize the ingredients to my preference (swapping canola oil for olive oil and replacing carrots with butternut squash).

What are your go to healthy foods? Do you ever doctor them up or try to remake them? All tips and tricks welcome. 

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