Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Food Tuesday

Today’s Food Tuesday post is more about entertaining than recipes. With grilling season upon us, we couldn’t be more excited about trying new things on the grill. The latest was tacos. I was really craving fish tacos and went shopping with that in mind. I ended up with an entire taco bar that included fish, shrimp, and steak. Then I had to throw in cotija cheese, guacamole (not pictured), pico de gallo, lettuce and Mexican crema with lime juice and garlic powder added. I used flat bottomed soft taco shells to provide more room for taco ingredients but you can choose what you love. It also cuts down on the amount of mess and spillage associated with tacos.

It was a delicious, simple meal that you can easily make for any crowd. You can also use whatever ingredients you love. I highly recommend mushrooms as a meat substitute or you can go right for soy meat crumbles or tofu. I also suggest pairing the  meal with a yummy pitcher of sangria. Happy eating!!

p/s Please forgive my picture quality. I was totally ready to eat and didn't feel like whipping out lighting. The meal was--believe it or not--impromptu. 

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