Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Love List

1. Lock and key necklaces are historically a symbol of love (i.e., you're the key to my heart; here's a key and/or heart shaped locket on a chain). When I saw this one by Marc Jacobs, I instantly loved the edge and I read a new perspective into it. I work hard to be my best self every day. I guard my soul and character with ferocity. Whether its me being down on myself or someone else trying to bring me down, I think this phrase has the perfect amount of "check yo'self" to put those negative nellies back in their place. (Marc Jacobs)

2. 31 Bits is a "fashion for good" company focused on empowering women to rise above poverty through business. The artisans working with the company receive a sustainable income and a holistic education. The materials used to make the company's materials are made from recycled paper beats, 99% of which are sourced in Eastern Africa. The work is gorgeous. If you're looking for a statement piece, check out their store here. (31 Bits)

3. I recently cut 10 inches off my hair and am rocking a bob (or lob as it were). I was all excited for the cut but I left the salon with a bouncy, flippy blowout that made me feel more mom than vixen. I went home and hit it with the flatiron and I felt better. After a day of wearing it that way, I was over it and decided it needed some volume. My hair is naturally curly but I wasn't ready to wear it natural yet. I wanted to experiment with textured volume. I opted for a wand to get a loose, beachy wave and liked the result but needed something a little more. I mean, what about date night? Enter Nicole Guerriero. I don't know why I didn't look to her YouTube channel originally considering her current hair length and color was one of the inspirations for my Spring style update (see my Instagram). Anyway, this tutorial is next on my list. (YouTube/Nicole Guerriero)

4. Design Sponge is offering free downloads of Alea Toussaint patterns turned into digital/desktop wallpapers all week. Toussaint uses food, flowers, tea, etc. to create beautiful patterns. They'll make you a little happier to log on this week. Find your favorite here. (Design Sponge)

5. R29 has broken down the 10 ingredients you always need in your fridge. My sausage and bacon might be vegetarian but I agree with the list of staples. (Refinery 29)

6. I did a couple of fun 5Ks last year. This year, the Electric Run is on my list. It looks cool and is for a good cause. Read more here. (Electric Run)

7. Co-washing. It's a thing. It's short for conditioner washing as in wash your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. The term is Lorraine Massey's. She wrote Curly Girl, The Handbook. As a curly girl, I've rinsed my hair with conditioner for years. I wash it on the weekend and do a co-wash mid-week, It keeps my hair clean and much less frizzy than it is in its normal state. Now that it's a thing, I'm excited to try new products. For now, I'm crushing on this one by Renpure (available at Urban Outfitters). (Urban Outfitters)

8. Wine flavored ice-cream with fruity accompaniment. Enough said. Hello Summer staple. (Mercer Wine Ice Cream)

9. If you follow the blog, you know we moved 2 months ago. We are putting finishing decorative touches on the house and I am suddenly obsessed with distressed furniture hacks. We made a cool foyer table over the weekend and distressing it was surprisingly easy. Now, I plan to tackle my guest room using the same techniques. I used this tutorial but you can find tons of techniques on Google or Pinterest. (Craftaholics Anonymous)

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