Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Love List

1. My baby sis started a blog (God, Grad and Glitter!). So proud of all she's accomplished so far and can't wait to see how she tracks the growth experienced in her 30th year post by post. (God, Grad and Glitter)

2. This article is an interesting take on tautological phrases like "You do you" (hows that for a word of the day). I'm also including a response because the "interwebs" apparently went into revolt mode in response. (New York Times Magazine)

3. I got this Ace of Spades jumper from Nic Nacs LA about a month ago and it was hanging in my closet just waiting for a warm day. I finally got a beautiful, warm day last weekend and I rocked it for a day filled with friends, cocktails, food and city strolling. It is the most comfy item of clothing in my closet. The sack like shape and the draping at the legs took me a minute to get used to but I am so glad I did. Ironically, most of their other inventory is tight and revealing but check it out. Maybe its your speed...if not, you could always go for the jumper. (NicNacs LA)

4. I love The Happiness Project and their infographics. The latest one talks about the danger of staying plugged in all the time. I'm definitely a victim of telepressure. Learn more here. (The Happiness Project)

5. A friend showed me the Four Letters app over the weekend. I'm hooked. That is all. (Four Letters)

6. The Spring 2015 Pantone colors are out and it should be no surprise that I'm obsessed with Lucite Green. Time for some shopping. (Pantone)

7. I saw an old episode of Shark Tank while channel surfing last night and a woman was presenting Pretty Padded Room--an online therapy concept. Her presentation was poor but I saw the value in the idea. I looked her up and found the business continues to thrive and goes under the moniker, In Your Corner. If you're looking for therapy in a non-traditional setting, go for it. (In Your Corner)

8. Today is Earth Day! Find some suggestions for celebrating here. (Earth Day Network)

9. I am slave to threading. Before that, it was hot wax with Anastasia Brow Studio and before that, my local nail salon. I tried doing my own once but I'm not about that life. I just can't inflict pain on least not until now. A friend challenged me to try maintaining them on my own after I complimented her brows. Challenge accepted and these guides will help me along the way. (Buzzfeed)

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