Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Love List

1. My family must be so tired of me. I've been sending Bitmojis to them for the last few weeks and then I discovered the GIF Cam. There are GIFs of me giving side eye, doing my happy dance, crossing my eyes and blowing kisses. I have a problem. (Pic Collage)

2. I'm putting the finishing touches on our house and its bookshelf time. I've decluttered the previously overstuffed shelves and turned each shelf into a showcase for a small curated collection of pretty, sentimental things. This slideshow helped tremendously with inspiration. (Elle Decor)

3.  Karmic is an app that encourages good deeds and meditation. It gives you a good deed per day and also has 2-15 minute guided meditations to help you relax. (Karmic)

4. When we moved, we were a disaster. Our need to purge and organize was totally exposed. One of our friends actually said (repeatedly) "You guys have way too much stuff." We donated and discarded until we couldn't and were left with the things we really wanted/needed. Honestly, we could probably give away a bit more. That turnover will happen when its time to pack away the sweaters. For everything we're keeping, organization tips like folding and storing tees like a pro are essential. (YouTube/Handimania)

5. NYC is a public transit driven city. Thrillist put together a cool map of great date spots (restaurants and bars) based on what's close to every subway in Manhattan. (Thrillist)

6. If you're still going through Serial withdrawal, you'll be excited to know a new podcast about Adnan Syed's case is on the way. Undisclosed will launch April 13, 2015 and will take a closer look into the case from an investigatory perspective. (Undisclosed)

7. There's been so much hype about HBO Now in the last couple of days. I've been using the HBO Go app for a while but it's cool that streaming premium media is expanding. (HBO)

8. Since I chopped my hair off, my go-to bun/ponytail isn't an option. That has led to a lot of experimentation with curling wands, curling irons and my trusty flat iron...and I have the burns to show for it. (The curling wand is dangerous). I invested in a heat resistant glove. If you're going through the same thing, do yourself a favor and get one. (Amazon)

9. I discovered The Regal Vegan while watching Food Curated (another favorite). The products are awesome. I can't wait to see the line expand. (The Regal Vegan) 

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