Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Quotable

Procrastination is a PROBLEM for me. This year, I started making monthly goal lists instead of creating a new year's resolution list that lasts through January if I'm lucky. The project has had a positive effect on my life though last month was a bit of a bust. The whole point is to work towards my dreams or cool life experiences in a manageable way that propels me forward. It has been working (save for last month when I was sick) and more importantly, It's keeping me from the "I wish I'd started yesterday/last week/month/year. I've had way to many moments like that in the last several years and I'm trying not to have it at the end of this year. Plus, I feel so good when I'm not putting things on the shelf for another day. My goal for this month's list to to keep reminding myself THE TIME IS NOW! 

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