Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Quotable

Hopefully, we all come to a point on our journey when we realize we are responsible for our lives. Things don't just happen to us. They happen to teach us something...or for us, if you will. If we keep repeating the same behavior, it means we're going to keep getting taught the same (sometimes painful) lesson. Eventually, the lesson will be like a brick wall in our lives--blocking us from moving forward and sometimes falling down--on and around us, breaking everything in its path. In those moments, we can crumble or start to learn the lesson. In those moments lie the power for reinvention and redemption. We are afforded the power to stop blaming others for the broken pieces of our own lives and acknowledge where we have been destructive--to others and to ourselves. We can turn off the negative voices in our heads. We can stop directing our issues towards others. Where other people truly are to blame, we can forgive and realize it is more for our own well being than for the person who hurt us. We can be happy and whole. 

Happy Monday! I hope you spend your day reducing brick walls to pebbles. Happy healing. 

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