Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Food Tuesday

I am sticking with entertaining for this week's Food Tuesday post. This past weekend, I ventured back home to Atlanta and threw the taco party I talked about in last week's post. It was a lot of fun but not without its issues--including my sister's microwave being on the fritz. There are perils in long distance party planning but the food was eaten, the drinks were consumed responsibly and the guacamole recipe was requested multiple times. I'll take it.

Then, on Sunday, I hosted a small brunch for my mom. Here are the details.

Location: Mom's House

Decoration: Tulips, bud and mason jar vases, typographic wood block art, galvanized letters and potted plants. I started with flowers and went for my mom's favorite: TULIPS! Those acted as the center of the food spread and were displayed in a painted mason jar base. Everything else was coordinated yellow and gray update we did in my mom's bedroom. I popped tulips in 2 yellow and white bud vases. Then, I added the wood blocks, plants and galvanized letters. Once everything was laid out, I added the food.

Food: I am a sucker for a frittata. They are easier to make than omelets and allow people a second portion if they want one. They're also a lot more exciting than your typical scrambled or fried egg. The fritatta contained feta, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and turkey sausage. I also made maple and black pepper glazed thick cut turkey bacon, home fries with cheese, kale and brussels sprouts salads with strawberries and pepitas, biscuits with cinnamon butter, apple fritters and pecan sticky buns.

Cocktails: We went for the traditional and had mimosas but we used orange, peach, mango juice for a twist.

The brunch was an indulgent, filling success and I had the best time pulling it together for my family and specifically for my mom! How'd you celebrate your mom this year? If you're a mom, how'd your family celebrate you?

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