Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Love List

1. An adult version of The Muppet Show? Nostalgia + Adult humor. What's not to love? (ABC/YouTube)

2. I hate scrubbing my stove top and inevitably something spills whenever I'm whipping up a masterpiece in the kitchen. These Fancy Gas Hob Protectors are an awesome time (and manicure) saver. (Fancy)

3. I flipped through images from this year's Met Gala with a sense of nostalgia for a beautiful custom cheongsam (similar here) I wore to a black tie event several years back. These days I go for that feel in accessories because there's nowhere for me to pull of these looks in everyday life. (Metropolitan Museum of Art/Modern Qipao/Vogue)

4. I'm working my way through this squat challenge. Beach body, here I come. (Refinery 29)

5. I tried to make sushi at home a while back. It was yummy but ugly as hell. Enter the Sushi Roller by SushiQuik. I can't wait to try again! (Grommet)

6. Do you know the best positions for sleeping? This post was helpful in understanding why I don't sleep as well some nights. (Greatist)

7. The balmy weather of late Spring/early Summer is here and I am outside as much as possible, Unfortunately, the lonely light on the back of my house isn't optimal for chilling or entertaining late into the night. This video gives great tips for lighting your outdoor space. Next stop, a great set (or three) of Edison bulb string lights. (Martha Stewart/YouTube/Do It Best)

8. I'm constantly on the hunt for healthy snacks. Crispy Green's Crispy Fruit is just dehydrated fruit and is the perfect sweet bite to kill cravings. Bonus: It's only 40 calories a bag. My favorites are the apples and pineapples. I'll confess the tangerines are a bit of an adjustment because of the level of tartness. (Crispy Green)

9. Spring cleaning is done and it's visitor season. In addition to the basic cleaning, I'm all about getting the forgotten areas on this list spic and span. (PureWow)

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