Friday, May 29, 2015

Love List

1. Women are making inroads everywhere but there are miles and miles to go as shown by this great wonderful and eye opening video, "What Does a Veteran Look Like?" Check it out. Pass it on. (Refinery 29)

2. Is there anything bad about a floating ping pong table? (Brookstone)

3. I thought this article about the relationship between college, marriage and weight gain was pretty interesting. (The Atlantic)

4. It's wedding season. As I prepare to celebrate our wedding anniversary, I can't help but look back at wedding trends. This article on the rules of the non-traditional wedding was interesting (though I'm not sure non-traditional and rules belong in the same sentence). (The Coveteur)

5. I'm loving Wayward Pines and am pleasantly surprised by such a great show in the TV off season. (Fox/IMDb)

6. One World Observatory opens this week and represents a full circle moment for many of us. I plan on visiting in the next week while family is in town. You should absolutely visit when you can.  (One World Observatory)

7. I am new to Rush49 but have found such great deals on non-traditional adventure dates. First up, Brooklyn Boulders. (Rush49)

8. Where There's Smoke is new on my list of podcasts I'm obsessed with. It kind of reminds me of Invisibilia, which I highlighted on a previous Love List. The show is hosted by Brett Gajda and produced by Nick Jaworski. (Full confession: Brett tweeted me about the show). I decided to give it a chance and ended up doing a Netflix style binge. Why? Because it feeds my pop culture appetite in small bites (30 minute episodes) in an educated voice and more importantly explores self development in a creative way. I love the spliced in sound bites from movies and TV shows. Start anywhere, but I highly recommend episode 14: "Know Fear (Courage)." It's spot on if you're thinking of making a big change in your life but are feeling blocked by fear. Ok, that's enough. This spotlight is making the other things on the list jealous. (Where There's Smoke)

9. The Angelica Doll was created by Angelica Sweeting, a mother who wanted to provide her daughter with a doll who looked like her and had hair like her. Angelica is the first doll in what she hopes will be a line of naturally beautiful dolls reflecting all cultures. The dolls will also have careers in journalism, public relations, software development and engineering. I'm loving this campaign and the important message behind it. Dolls should reflect the diversity in society. All kids should be able to see their beauty reflected on the shelves. The Kickstarter campaign is open until June 18. She's exceeded the initial goal but I'm excited to see how much this can expand. You can support the project here and read more about the company here. (Kickstarter/Naturally Beautiful/Facebook)

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Brett Gajda said...

We made the love list!!!!! SO awesome. We are honored Nicole. THANK YOU for being open, and giving Where There's Smoke a listen. We promise to continue to give you our best every week.