Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday Quotable

This year has been an exercise in growth. I’m working to come out of my shell and step towards my dreams. I’m working to care less about being judged and more about being happy. It has been process fraught with emotions. Sometimes, I feel like I’m not doing enough and sometimes, I feel like I’m doing too much. In the “too much” times, I tend to fold back into my “nest” and hide. Luckily, I have a lot of people in my life who aren’t content to let me rest on my laurels—or wings as it were. We’re made to fly and this month, I’m trying to remember that and push myself to greater heights in my personal and professional life.

Since growth is the theme, let’s push through the monthly goal update. If I’m being honest, I considered skipping it this month. I mean, we are in the third week of the month so really, what’s the point?? At least that’s what I told myself. But, since this blog is about working towards a life well lived and accountability is a big part of that, I decided to throw up my report card regardless of the goals I didn’t reach.

So…the podcast is launching this week. We banked one back in April but underestimated the planning that was necessary to keep the conversation going. We didn’t like it so we scrapped it and started over. Ash is editing this week and it will be on SoundCloud by Friday. I feel like we have some growing to do BUT it’s time to get out of the next. I’m not stopping progress for perfection. We managed to work in a long weekend. It was a trip to see family but it was awesome and much needed. I’m counting it. I also researched and found an acupuncturist I want to work with. I haven’t scheduled the appointment but we’ve been e-mailing back and forth to find an appointment time that works. She doesn’t do weekends and weekdays are tough because of my ridiculous commute. I’m committed to find a time that works. I also completed a good part of the minimalism challenge. The best part? Cleaning up my e-mails! I have a few accounts and they were all in disarray. I have a filing system and have kept up with putting everything in its place. I managed to give up sugar for a portion of a week. By the weekend, I caved to enjoy a delicious brunch with Ash—a brunch that HE cooked. Totally worth it.

The novel writing is lagging because of my writer’s block. I’m trying some exercises to remedy that. I also joined a writer’s group. I know I went that route before and ended up at a group that no one showed up for. This time, however, I helped start the group. It’s kinda hard not to attend when it’s at your house. As for disconnecting after 10:30, I am giving that one up. It’s damn near impossible since I work on the blog at night and need to be on the internet to do it. I also realize that Ash and I are constantly Googling to do research towards projects that are on our goal list for the year. We are rarely checked out and scrolling blindly through Instagram and ignoring each other. I can’t say we don’t ever do it but we try not to do it all the time. We also put our phones away during dinner (after photographing our food—but even that is for the blog or Ash’s Instagram fitness account) and of course, during date night. In other words, I am happy with my level of disconnect and am taking that goal off of the list.

The final thing on the list is to finish working on projects around the house and to sell/donate everything we don't need. We still have quite a bit of work to do in that regard. We’ll get there by the end of the month because we have guests visiting. That stuff is small potatoes. We do at least have some things lined up to donate to a friend with a new apartment and a need for everything. Woo-hoo!

During the rest of May and in June, I want accomplish the goals below. It’s largely focused on the podcast.

Have the first 3 meetings of the writing club
Record a new podcast episode each week
Work with designer on podcast logo
Launch the podcast website
Take two new training courses
Take rapelling class
Start 6-week fitness program with friends (more to come on that)
Work on new plan for Nicole’s Curated Life site (more to come on that as well)

What are your goals for May and June? Share them and your accountability strategy in the comments! 

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