Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Quotable

I think it is important to routinely clean house spiritually, physically and literally. Purging the things that harm your life (or insults your soul as per today's quote) may be hard or even painful in the short term. In the end, however, it is so freeing to let go of things that drag you down. Sometimes to get there, you have to bump heads with societal norms (or even your own). The key is just as the quote says. Look at the stories you've been told throughout your life. Are they limiting? Do they make you feel like less that you aspire to be or think you already are? Do they hurt you? Ask yourself why you've let those stories define you and if it is degrading your potential to be your greatest self, kick it out and replace it with a new story that uplifts. You can do the same with nutritional choices, exercise, clutter, people, habits. If they don't add joy and length to your life, dismiss them. Happy Monday! Spread joy today. 

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