Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Quotable

“I don’t do regrets,” said an 18 year old girl on the edge of womanhood—without a pinch of a clue.

I was so naïve and had no idea what life would bring. Today, the reality is I’ve collected quite a few regrets. I’ve lost opportunities to procrastination. I chose money over passion. I put myself last…a lot. What I’ve learned over the years is there will be regrets but there is a chance to learn from the mistakes that haunt you and ultimately to fix them either in a concrete way or through forgiveness if an actual fix isn’t possible.

Today, I don’t disagree with the desire to die without regrets.  I do think, however, that you gain more perspective as you age and can easily let go of things that might have seemed world altering when they happened. Remember that first breakup? I certainly do. I also remember regretting the entire relationship. Today, I’m over it and don’t regret it. I view it through a different lens and can see the beauty in the lessons I learned from that time in my life. Poof. Regret gone.

For the regrets that I’m living with at the moment, I’m praying and doing the work to turn them into things of the past but it's going to take some big, scary life changes. That's why today's quote stood out. I am sure it speaks to some of you as well.  

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