Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Playlist: Artist Spotlight

It has been a LONG week (though aren't they all long unless they are vacation weeks??). I've needed an extra dose of positive vibes and usually I turn to music for that. This week, Mali Music filled the need. 

I first found his music last year. I heard a song while in the car with my sister and asked who he was. My sister told me he does inspirational music and she loves him. I jotted his name down in my memo app and promptly forgot about it. (I should note I have about 30 notes with artists to look up in my phone--it's terrible). About a week ago, I was listening to a Gospel compilation and heard a song featuring him called, Give Me. I finally opened Tidal and looked for his music. I found his first major release, Mali Is...(2014), which earned him his first grammy nod.  Prior to Mali Is..., Mali independently released  The Coming (2008) and The 2econd Coming (2009), which I also found. These helped him develop a large underground following and I'm now on the Mali train. I created a playlist and it has been blasting through my speakers almost every day since. 

Mali sings, raps, writes and plays instruments. Most importantly, he inspires. He is a Gospel, Hip Hop and R&B artist and blends the three seamlessly. If you're not a fan already, check out the music below and become one. 

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