Thursday, July 23, 2015

Love List

1. Venmo allows you send money securely by using a Venmo account or linking to your own account. You can use it to split the check with friends, send birthday gifts or transfer money. (Venmo)

2. Ever wonder what your neighborhood looked like way back in the day? Old NYC shows you. Just type in your address (or any location you want) and get transported back in time with historic views of the city. Hopefully other cities will jump on board. (Old NYC)

3. Suddenly, I feel the need for a laughing alarm clock and bubble blowing appointment reminder. (Quartz)

4. If you're like me, summer is prime time for me to be critical of my body. It is when I see myself in a bathing suit and in tons of pictures. Caroline Rothstein's series about body empowerment is here to help us through it. (YouTube/Caroline Rothstein)

5. Lemons aren't just for lemonade (or citrusy sangria). Check out this list of alternative uses for this powerful little fruit. (Tasting Table)

6. The Flatterbox is a new way to step up your gift-giving game. The person receiving the gift gets a set of cards with positive messages either from you or from several people. It will lift them up for years to come. (Flatterbox)

7. This video goes through the dance scenes from all of your favorite movies. It's a great opportunity to take a moment to smile. (YouTube/MsTabularasa)

8. Who doesn't want to live in a floating house? Leave it to Dubai to make it possible. It may not be practical but I don't think you'll care when you wake up to a clear view of beautiful sea life all around you. (Thrillist)

9. Tired of your traditional ice bucket? Try this cool wine/alcohol chiller tutorial. Trust me, your guests will be impressed. (The Chic Site)

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