Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Love List

1. With all the hackers in the world, I'll admit I have a little fear about making everything electronic...then I get sucked in by how cool things like the plastc card are. How amazing is this thing? (Plastc)

2. Iodine is a great app. If you've been reading the blog for a while, you know I've had some health struggles. Trust me, I've been on my share of medications. But even if you're healthy and just want to check over the counter meds when you have a cold, this is really useful. (Greatist)

3. Years ago, a study came out stating that the most beautiful faces are symmetrical. This photo series shows that's absolutely not true. (MindBodyGreen)

4. Forget the delicate cycle. Trade your washer for a salad spinner when it comes to your bras. I promise, it's a great tip. (PureWow)

5. There are days when I fully want to give up on my heels and there are days when they just take an outfit perfect completion. Until I trade my heels for orthopedics, these heel hacks will have to do. The toe taping is life changing. (PureWow)

6. Tired of hummus (is there such a thing)? This yam and cumin dip is a great alternative. (Health)

7. I like to think I'm pretty good at being assertive but in reading this article, I realize that I am guilty of apologizing too much. This is a great read for highlighting what we need to stop apologizing for. (PureWow)

8. Making a projector is easier than ever with this cool pizza box. Order one and instantly upgrade your movie night experience. (Refinery 29)

9. If you scroll through Instagram for five minutes, you will find about 344,299 before and after fitness photos. If you're already feeling less than your healthy best or struggling to meet your weight loss goals, looking at drastic transformations (that happened in just 3 weeks!!) can screw with your self image and motivation. Trainer Sophie Kay is here to show you that often, it's just angles and outfit choices. Read more about her photo series here. (Greatist)

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