Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Quotable

Hi guys! I’m back after a two week hiatus that I used to get healthy and refocused. Sometimes you just need a time out. During my time out, I had plenty of time to sit and listen to uplifting things. One of the things I came across was a commencement speech givenby Pico Iyer. It was filled with all the hope typical of these speeches but one two lines really jumped out at me. The first one is today’s quotable. Next week, you get the other one. Bonus!

I think we often get caught up in single moments. They can be big, life altering moments or they can be little things that won’t matter in half an hour. The point is we rarely step back to look at the bigger picture. Instead, we give our energy to things moment by moment and get lost in everyday dramas, mundane moments and big, life shifting happenings. Then, one day (usually after one of those big, life shifting happenings or in old age), we take a step out to look at the whole of our lives.

If you’re luckily, when you step out, you see yourself kicking ass at life…and I need to schedule a life coaching session with you ASAP…no, really. Teach me.

As you can guess, I do not step back and see a woman kicking ass but I do see a beautiful life. I just know I could be doing things better. There are so many projects on the metaphorical shelf. There are so many wasted moments (exercise, writing, recording, home improvement) that get sacrificed to TV and let me tell you, there are a million moments where I could choose peace over annoyance and I don’t. When I see that, my tendency is to say, “I’m a work in progress.” Taking the step out helps me identify where there has been progress and where I’m stuck.  Ultimately, I want to live a life I’m proud of. Right now, I’m stuck in a lot of areas but I think I’m dealing with some fears that seem major but are just a splotch on the canvas of my life when I take a step back. They’ll ultimately contribute to the beauty of my life’s story. In the meantime, I’m working to be at peace with where I am both in the close up of my problems and in the stepped back view. 

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