Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Quotable

Today’s quotable is part two to a Pico Iyer quotable I posted a couple of weeks ago. The quotes are part of a commencement speech. Part one was about taking a step back to really take stock of your life. This week, it’s about taking time to stop going through the motions of life to find what you’re really meant to do.

I am certainly guilty of having a vision for my life that I am not honoring. There are many times when I’ve brainstormed ideas for getting to the next step in my career or for completing passion projects. I get really inspired, make lists and actually start tackling that list until the mainstays in life—the daily routine crap—take over and the inspiring things take a backseat again.

I’m not sure if you can relate but if you can, it’s exhausting, right? Don’t you get tired of giving your dreams second chair in your life? I sure do! While I was on vacation last week (see pics on my Instagram or in the preview box to your right), I had yet another epiphany about the need to let go of the daily monotony/programming and to really push for the life I want. It’s been a struggle for years and I’m just tired. I think I’ve hit the wall.

So…let’s get away from the regularly scheduled programming and change the channel to what we REALLY want to do. Dream big and chase hard. Happy Monday! 

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