Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Food Tuesday: Food Inspiration

One of the greatest things about going to food festivals or food trucks is gaining inspiration for home cooked meals. Often, I find small twists on my favorite dishes. Today's post is about some of that inspiration,

It all started at Brooklyn Flea. We were strolling the lot looking for unique treasures for our house. As the breeze picked up, the smell of food wafted towards us. One minute, I was admiring extremely intricate drawings on Post-Its. The next minute, I was being lured away by smells of Belgian fries, Sunday sauce, and Vietnamese summer rolls.

Ash went for the summer rolls and I went for an eggplant parm slider. Both meals inspired me to try at-home versions, starting with the eggplant. Eggplant parm has long been a fave but I'm admittedly a little bored with it. The idea of making the eggplant parm into a slider was just the little spark of inspiration I needed. I can see these little cuties at cocktail parties (though they might be a bit messy) or on dinner plates. It was quite the perfect little bite. The only change I'd make is to switch up the bun. It needs to be a tad larger to stand up to the thin but hearty layers of eggplant, Sunday gravy and cheese. I can't wait to tackle this project.

Also in my cook-at-home series are Bibimbap and those summer rolls Ash ordered.

What recipes have you updated with a twist? Share your experience/advice in the comments section! Cheers and happy eating.

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