Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Love List

1. We've all had our share of breakups (and if you haven't, you're lucky). The accuracy of this list of types of exes cracked me up--and bought back memories. Somehow, I dated the jerk more than a couple of times... (Popsugar)

2. This infographic for pairing chocolate and wine gives me a great idea for a fun fall party and for creating cute gift sets for the holidays. I'm so excited! (Chocolate Lovers)

3. Ok...technically, you could just make your own taste tester cake by using a mini muffin tin but seriously, how cute is the Nibble Pan? I mean, what baker wouldn't fall in love with this cute opportunity to sample your cake without pulling an edge from the main attraction? (Kitchn)

4. Thanks to Ash, my house is full of conversation about macros and micros these days. I tease him about it but I actually like the conversation. I've been interested in food as medicine for years. The idea is that if you eat right and treat your body kindly, you minimize your health risks and actually cure some ailments. This list of the best foods for digestive health is a great resource. (MindBodyGreen)

5. When I'm not training with Ash, I often find myself either going to fitness classes or tapping my favorite online resources. I recently found a new favorite in Grokker, which offers free subscription options for tons of fitness videos. Yoga is part of the mix too. (Grokker)

6. After the popularity of BirchBox, I feel like new subscription boxes pop up on a weekly basis. You can get healthy snacks, beauty samples, goodies for your pets, craft projects and now, international delicacies. Try the World offers a new box of curated goodies from a different country every two months. The box also includes some cultural information, suggested movies and playlists and, of course, a description of the food. Maybe you can't travel the world, but you can certainly eat like you do. (Try the World)

7. Lately, I've been obsessed with BBC America's Radio 1 YouTube page. I love seeing established singers doing awesome covers of some of my favorite songs. I've also found a ton of new (and new to me) artists to listen to. (BBC America)

8. Health eating doesn't afford me the opportunity to eat too many super rich treats on the regular BUT cheat days exist for a reason. These caramel dipped marshmallows are the perfect treat for my out of control sweet tooth. (Ticket Chocolate/Scoutmob)

9. Since we're talking about cheat days, we might as well talk about moderation. Every day can't be a cheat day but you can work in treats without killing your healthy eating plan. This pina colada tea is a great example of how. They also make a rum and coke tea. (Old Salt Merchants/Scoutmob)

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