Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Food Tuesday

Last night, I was craving something light and relatively easy to make. I am also trying to revamp my recipe collection. I’ve been taking inspiration from various restaurants and food truck creations all summer. I’m actually working my way through a list of favorites. I scanned it for a light bite and settled on ceviche. As much as I love it, I’ve never made it at home. Woo-hoo! Food adventure.

My inspiration was a dish called Ceviche Mariquitas from Union Restaurant in Haverstraw, New York. It is a shrimp ceviche with avocado and tomato served with house made plantain chips (mariquitas). I started doing recipe research and settled on a mix of the two recipes below. I liked the mix of citrus and the addition of avocado in the Emeril recipe but felt like the pre-poaching step in the recipe would result in tougher shrimp. I liked the cooking notes for “cooking” the shrimp in Marcela’s recipe for that reason. Both recipes are below.

Shrimp Ceviche (Food Network/Marcela Valladolid)

Shrimp Ceviche (Eating Well/Emeril Lagasse)

I couldn’t find long sturdy plantain chips (I searched 2 stores and could only file the small round slices) so I decided to bake some fresh plantains instead. I served the ceviche with sea salt rice chips. The meal was delicious.

Check in with Food Tuesday each week to see where my taste buds take me next. If you have healthy recipe suggestions you’d like me to try, let me know in the comments! Happy eating!!

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